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To be direct I put myself in a situation to where in the end I had to make a quick decision. I had been looking for a month for a specific car through some connections that had access to auto auctions.

I had spent the last year rebuilding my credit so I was coming up on the 45th day from my credit being initially run and I had an incredible rate locked in. I did not want my credit rerun. So due to my connections (close friend) not finding the specific car in time I thought I would try ouside source but with my car connections expertise and inside knowledge/access. Autos of Dallas had the exact car I was looking for.

My connection ran the VIN # for me so I had all the history and my connect even got me the carfax on it. I found out what Autos of Dallas actually bought it for at auction (they actually paid a little too much) They had only had the car a couple of weeks when I called them up. (they did not know I knew this) Long story short I acted like a regular guy with all the knowledge I had. Gus the salesperson straight up lied about everything.

Some may ask why would I purchase the car. Long story short I bought it for $800 over what they got it for at auction which was still a great buy even with them overpaying. Now I also do have a mechanic connection that did check it out, but you all should know that a week after I bought it all the service lights came on and it needed several repairs. To the average person it would have cost $1700.

It only cost me $400. I knew what I was getting into, and even with the repairs everything has been under budget. What I do want you to know is that when I asked specific questions to Gus the saleman about the car, car history ect.. he was straight up feeding me a bunch of BS.

It took all I could do to keep my mouth shut when he was trying to tell me what they bought it for.

For the regular car buyer you would have paid an extra $1500 for the car only to drive off and a week later spend at least another $1500 for repairs. These people are seriously shady.

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Complete dishonest scam artists ! Do not buy any cars from them neither fraudulent warranty that they offer.

Drove all the way from New York to pick up BMW 545i 2005 spent over $20.000 As soon as I drove it back transmission malfunction light came up and bunch of error codes took me 3 months and over $1500 for diagnostics finally at BMW dealership they told me I need to change SMG transmission, SMG control module, SMG pump and a lot of other relays TOTAL: $ 18.500 wow

Spoke to Autos of Dallas manage he obviously was *** about it and told me that I better go and fix it LOL funny dude anyways I end up in hole. Do not buy anything from them unless there is an existing factory warranty !!!

Good luck to all. It will all come back to them and their dishonesty and lies will not help them in the future

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